Bootstrap Organics is a sustainable agri-business dedicated to healthy living. As family-owned and run business, we care for our community! Growing and producing a wide variety of organic products and produce, we avidly support our local network of growers and manufacturers, providing our customers with the freshest, seasonal produce available.

As a family business, relationships are extremely important to us. We grow superior produce by partnering with people who share our passion, dedication and respect for quality. From the tree to the store, we, our dedicated team members, and our customers worldwide, are striving to build the cleanest, safest and most efficient business possible.

To us: “Small farms make a big difference.” To us, small farms means BIG BUSINESS!

In an age of huge factory farms, we’ve built a revolutionary network of small farms that’s capable of playing with the big boys.

We represent a network of growers who take great care to provide healthy, safe and delicious organic produce. “The philosophy is to raise a sustainable crop with the least amount of inputs, and to provide the best product possible.”

We do this through:

  • Social Enterprise Networks
  • Small Family Farms
  • Women and Youth led Farms

Instead of having one huge farm, we work with a series of small family farms with smaller and easy to manage operations. That way, we can ensure our farmers get the fair wage they deserve.

And that’s just the beginning.

Our Values

  •  To balance profitable farming in harmony with our environment.
  • To keep sustainability at the forefront of our farming practices.
  • To be at the forefront of agricultural development and scientific know-how.
  • Develop our family business whilst putting back into the community.
  • To be proud of all that we do.
  • PASSION, RESPECT & EXCELLENCE – We believe our family run agribusiness has prospered over the years as a direct result of the three watchwords that stand as pillars of our operation and that help set us apart. It’s our relentless drive for passion, respect and excellence that has allowed us and the generations before us to grow and flourish into the business we are today.

Our Goals

  •  The production of agricultural products with special qualities and high nutritional value.
  • The production of agricultural products that have been processed as little as possible without preservatives or additives.
  • The development of innovative agricultural products that promote human health.

The company is continuously expanding into new collaborations by increasing its range of products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and provide the highest quality, natural and organic alternatives to traditional chemical fertilizer products. Few more of our mission criteria include:

  • To create an environmental friendly image in the agriculture industry by creating high quality organic products to the customers.
  • To educate and build up awareness of consumers about the benefits of organic products.
  • To develop a strong Social Enterprise Network that leaves a footprint of community development and upliftment of lives in societies where we work.

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the frame work for our road map and guide every aspect of our business describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth where people, planet, and partners, get benefited.