Increase in organized multi-cuisine restaurants along with dual income households and rising aspirations of people have contributed to a tectonic shift in the Indian plate

The year 2010 marked the fast-paced growth of fast food in India. From the beginning of online food aggregators, to growth and expansion of quick service restaurants, to ready to eat and growing demand for multi-cuisine food in the country, the decade witnessed multi-faceted growth in the Indian food industry.

The last five years witnessed the Indian food service sector evolve with changing consumer landscape. Increase in organized multi-cuisine restaurants along with dual income households and rising aspirations of people have contributed to a tectonic shift in the Indian plate.

The later part of the decade witnessed people moving towards mindful eating and becoming more health conscious. With growing awareness, people have become cautious of the harmful effects of chemicals and fertilizers, which have resulted in inclination towards organic farming.

The year 2020 is likely to witness a shift in the food trends in the country. The next decade will see more cognisant food eating habits among Indians across the country. There will be growing awareness about organic and healthy food eating, not just in the metro cities and among the urbanized Indians but the trend will see its percolation in the tier II and III cities in the country.

Here are five food trends which are expected to witness demand in 2020.

Probiotic Food

The importance of a good digestive system for the overall wellbeing of an individual cannot be ignored. And the impact of probiotic food for a good digestive system cannot be ignored. The impact of food such as yoghurt, curd, vinegar, kefir on the everyday life of people will see a rise in 2020. Due to their growing popularity, probiotics will find more space in restaurants, food marts and food shelves of retail chains. 

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Organic food

The organic market in India is witnessing a considerable growth and reports suggest that organic food is the future of Indian food industry. The market is growing at a lightning speed, supported by organic brands and organic farming. Added with the advocacy on health benefits on organic food by prominent people and public figures, there is an increasing consumption of organic food. Organic food restaurants are likely to be the next demanding industry in the Indian food market which will bring in a paradigm shift in the way food is prepared and consumed in food business.

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Less sweet products

People are getting aware of the harmful effects of sugar, which is one of the contributors to lifestyle diseases in India. Even people with sweet tooth are moving towards sugar-free food, or food with less sugar. People are choosing to opt for a healthier lifestyle by cutting down or skipping sugary products, the trend of moving away from sugary food will only gain momentum in 2020. Also, syrupy reduction from fruit sources such as monk fruit, pomegranate, coconut and dates are likely to be used more instead of sugar.

Alternative Flour

The year 2020 is likely to bring in fruit and vegetable flour into the food market. There has been increasing consciousness towards maida and wheat of late. India also needs to learn about the art of making bajrarotiraagi dosa, etc., from the rural zone of the country. While urban Indians are looking towards healthier options to replace a rice- and wheat-dominant diet, a lot of healthy alternate options are hidden in the traditional and rural kitchens of the country.

In-house preparation

Adding to the growing demand for healthy and conscious eating among the millennials of the era, there will be a trend in preparing everything in house. This will ensure health, safety and freshness of the food prepared and served. Making every preparation with a touch of sustainability, local and starting from scratch is only a natural extension to the idea of healthy eating. Whether it is the breakfast basket, crisps, salsa or food prepared for house party, everything will be served fresh in 2020.

Written By: Komal Bhardwaj

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